ANKARA: Turkish Foreign Ministry Regrets Armenian Pro-Genocide Effor


Anatolia News Agency, Turkey
Dec 27 2006

Ankara, 27 December: "Turkey follows with regret the efforts of
the Armenian lobbies (seeking to win votes) to exploit political
developments in the United States," Turkish Foreign Affairs spokesman
Namik Tan told a weekly news conference in Ankara on Wednesday
[27 December].

Asked to comment on a bill on so-called Armenian genocide, claimed
to be discussed at US Congress, and on the recent statements of the
Armenian executives, Tan said, "We have observed that there were
expectations of the Armenian circles about adoption of so-called
Armenian genocide after the elections held in the United States
in November."

Tan said relations between Turkey and the United States were
"multidimensional" and "strategic", and indicated that the relations
included comprehensive topics.

"The United States has been pursuing a common-sensical approach so
far. We believe that US administration will maintain the relations
with the same understanding. Relations between Turkey and the United
States have importance beyond this small expectations," he added.

Statements of Armenian executives

Commenting on the statements of Armenian executives on establishment
of diplomatic relations (without any precondition) with Turkey,
Tan recalled that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had
earlier asked Armenian President Robert Kocharyan to establish a
joint committee of Turkish and Armenian historians to investigate
1915 incidents.

Tan said a tangible progress could not be made so far because of the
negative approach of Armenia towards the proposal in question.

"We think that the joint committee would be a mechanism that eliminates
difference of interpretations as regards to 1915 incidents and assumes
the function of confidence-building measures between Turkish and
Armenian peoples," Tan stated.

"Turkey believes that the committee will contribute to the
normalization of relations between Turkey and Armenia. Turkey is
decisive in restoration of peace, stability and tranquillity in line
with its traditional foreign policy principles," Tan said.

Tan also said yielding a result from the efforts depended on a more
flexible approach from Armenia (to overcome bilateral and regional
problems) and Armenia’s acting in line with international laws.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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