U.S. Understands Armenia


Lragir, Armenia
Dec 26 2006

On December 26 at the Friday Club Alexander Iskandaryan, political
scientist, the head of the Caucasian Media Institute found it difficult
to tell how the U.N. Council of Security resolution on the Iranian
nuclear project will affect Armenia. The resolution provides for
sanctions against Iran. According to Alexander Iskandaryan, much
depends on the consistency of the United States, as well as the other
six parties of the nuclear negotiations in applying this resolution.

However, the political scientist points to the circumstance that
Armenia is the only country in the world the United States understands
its relations with Iran. All through this time Armenia has successfully
done what the United States prevents in other countries. According
to him, the United States realizes that Armenia is "doomed" to
cooperation with Iran and it cooperates not because it is against
the United States but because it has no other way out.

Besides, the Iran-Armenia partnership does not involve cooperation
on nuclear programs, says the political scientist.

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