Weakness of government or controversies within government?


Lragir, Armenia
Dec 22 2006

If the political assassinations started several months before the
election, one can only imagine what will be happening in the
pre-election period. It is possible, of course, that there will be no
more assassinations in that period not to arouse anger in the
international observers to give a bad evaluation of the election. The
pre-election period will be used to arrest the necessary people to
accuse of the murders committed before. After all, Robert Kocharyan
has already set the model which certain people use to instill
disbelief and divide within the team in power. The murders will be
presented in this context. That is why the Bargavach Hayastan Party
does not react adequately and publicly to the assassination of the
mayor it supported, that is why the investigation of the
assassination of Shahen Hovasapyan is not moving forward, at least

All this is intended for pressure on undesirable forces and figures
in the pre-election period rather than for the PR of the work of law
enforcers. And nobody doubts the ingenuity and vigor of our judicial
system, and as a member of the Republican Council Gagik Melikyan said
on one occasion, in Armenia it is possible to bring charges on
anyone. There are a number of examples. It is even possible to find a
link between the murder of Julius Caesar with the process in 2007 in
Armenia and accuse someone proceeding from a statement made by him.

Let alone the value of the recent assassinations. However, we cannot
conclude that these murders are committed to manipulate later and
accuse certain people. It would be wrong to state absolutely that the
government hits friends to frighten foes, or sacrifices friends to
take revenge on foes. Simply we cannot afford not to conclude that
the government should use everything for its interests.

In this connection, it is becoming more interesting to know the real
reason of the assassinations. Ostensibly, it does not fit the frame
of the declared stability, consequently either they are revealing the
weakness of the government and want to make pressure on one wing of
power or another or they are the consequence of the controversies
within the government. If the first is possible, the murders will
ostensibly continue as long as any of the wings of the Armenian
government has not made real efforts to change the situation.

Ostensibly, this concerns especially the wing which is making
~Ssacrifices~T. If the controversies within the government are
concerned, ostensibly the situation is so tense that the mechanism of
arrangements fails, and they are trying to make it work through
physical threats.

Anyway, the current situation displays the critical state of Armenia,
when the actions are not only illogical but may also obey any logic.

The conclusion is one: tension has reached the boiling point.