Woodstokian Concert Rocks Buenos Aires

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Woodstokian Concert Rocks Buenos Aires

On October 14, 2006, the AGBU Youth Group of Buenos Aires, Argentina
held their 6th annual Woodstokian Festival of Armenian bands. The
popular event drew a crowd of 500 Argentineans and hundreds of
others have watched the performances online at the hugely popular
video sharing website, YouTube. Last year’s Woodstokian concert was
the first to break into cyberspace when it was made available for
viewers through a live video stream on a local website.

Woodstokian 2006 showcased eight up-and-coming bands from Buenos Aires:
Tercer Mundo, Pyromania, Double Decker, La Zapada, Imagenes Sueltas,
Airan, Viejo Rancio, and Hot Joy. This year’s bands played a mixture
of hard, acoustic and soft rock, along with blues and heavy metal.

The music festival is a venue for Armenian Argentinean creative
expression and a welcoming environment for all Armenians to gather
and socialize. Each year, new bands from across the city request to
perform at Woodstokian, and the local AGBU Youth Group only stipulates
that the bands that apply have at least one member of Armenian heritage
to qualify for inclusion.

The annual Woodstokian concerts are organized by the AGBU Buenos
Aires Liga de Jóvenes (Youth Group), which was founded in 1940 and
has grown to be an essential component of the thriving city’s AGBU
Chapter. The Liga de Jóvenes organizes social, cultural and sporting
events for Armenian youth throughout Argentina, and produces the
quarterly Spanish-language magazine Generación 3.

To view clips from Woodstokian 2006 on YouTube, please visit

Established in 1911, AGBU Buenos Aires is committed to preserving
and promoting the Armenian heritage and culture through educational,
cultural and humanitarian programs. For more information, please

For more information on AGBU and its youth programs, please visit

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