Event by the Kuwaiti Chapter of the Armenian Relief Society

Event by the Kuwaiti Chapter of the Armenian Relief Society

Armenian Relief Society’s (ARS) Central Executive Board member Tamar Der
Bedrossian (from Lebanon) attended on 24th November 2006 a ceremony in
Kuwait City dedicated to the Society’s centennial Fund. The event was the
forerunning fund raising campaign for the Kuwaiti chapter, held in the Saint
Vartan Armenian church in Salmiya (Kuwait City), under the patronage of
Archbishop Goriun Babian, Catholicossal Representative of the Diocese of
Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf countries.

Der Bedrossian delivered a lecture in the presence of the active members of
the Kuwaiti ARS chapter and a group of supporters. Shakeh Zarigian, Head of
the Kuwaiti ARS chapter, welcomed the guest and described – in broad lines –
the worldwide activities of the ARS, highlighting its enormous contribution
to the well-being and development of the Armenian communities since 1910.
She said that through the efforts of ARS the Armenian identity was preserved
in the Diaspora communities. Considerable degree of social progress was
recorded in communities where ARS maintained presence, including Armenia in
most recent times.

Aida Bedirian played on piano a piece from Aram Khatchatourian, accompanied
on clarinet by Aliag Bedirian. Dzovinar Zakarian recited a poem by Barouyr
Sevag (`Hello’). Harout Arzoulian performed a solo sing, accompanied on
piano by Janna Seropian.

In her lecture Tamar Der Bedrossian described in a comprehensible way the
activities of the ARS in various Diaspora communities and in Armenia (after
the independence 1991). She detailed the most recent plans adopted by the
Central Executive Board. Following the lecture, a documentary film was shown
on the activities of the ARS – Armenia chapter in the last 15 years. One of
the recent achievements was the opening of a children’s care center in the
Akhourian region.

Lucy Kahkejian performed a song titled `flute’.

At the end of this informative and cultural event Archbishop Babian pointed
to the exceptional services of the ARS. He made a series of interesting
observations, based on his own eyewitness account. After the `Bahbanich’
Archbishop Babian presented the guest with a commemorative gift.
Der Bedrossian thanked the Armenian Community for the warmth and cordial
attention throughout her three days stay in Kuwait.

Report by Dzovinar Zakarian, Kuwait, 4th December 2006, English text by
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