Referendum In Karabakh Can Remain Unrecognized, But Impossible To Be


14.12.2006 15:10 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ With the adoption of the Nagorno Karabakh
Constitution a new factor occurred in the region, which different
international bodies and Azerbaijan can use, told Manvel Sargsyan,
the head of analytical center ‘Kavkaz’ the PanARMENIAN.Net. In
his words, this factor gives a lot choices both to Armenia and the
Nagorno Karabakh. "The referendum can remain unrecognized, but it
is not easy to ignore the fact of collective will of the people of
this territory. At least the referendum is the leading law of this
territory, and to qualify it as illegal is not easy.

Nobody can do it – the world has not seen anything more legal than
the national law. After all we can qualify as illegal all the legal
acts of Azerbaijan – there is no sense in it," Sargsyan stressed.

Alongside the Armenian political analyst underlined that the nations
live their life. "All the others can define their attitudes towards the
actions of this or that nation. They can recognize their right. The
other nations can also try forcefully to lead away a nation from its
own way with disdain. If a nation has chosen its way it must prove to
himself and all the others the effectiveness of that very way and be
able to defend its choice. Up till now the NKR was able to do that: the
time will show if there is a will to continue that initiative. And the
world always recognizes those who deserve it," said Manvel Sargsyan.

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