NKR MFA Surprised At The Reaction Of European Structures


14.12.2006 12:40

In a message disseminated yesterday NKR MFA expressed surprise at the
reaction of the European international structures to the Constitutional
referendum in Nagorno Karabakh and the attempts to question the
possibility of Nagorno Karabakh people’s being in the legal field.

The Ministry notes that the mentioned referendum is a new phase on
the way to consolidation of democratic principles and legislative
development, in general. It pursues the aim of formation and
development of new liberal principles, as well as development of
civil society. In this regard, it is at least strange that European
structures are trying to ignore and deny the democratic and legislative
processes in Nagorno Karabakh. At the same time, the Ministry expresses
confidence that the adoption of the Constitution cannot deter the
constructive efforts of the international mediators to resolve the
Karabakh conflict in a peaceful way. If we follow the logic of the
recent statements, which say the NKR Constitution will obstruct
the talks, we can conclude that by adopting the Constitution of the
Republic of Azerbaijan in 1995 and its amendment in 2002, official
Baku was also intending to damage the negotiations.

Then why didn’t the European structures criticize the policy
of Azerbaijan? The fact that in 1991 the international community
unilaterally recognized the results of the referendum on independence
in Azerbaijan, it only encouraged Azerbaijan’s claims on Nagorno
Karabakh and served as a reason for aggression against Nagorno
Karabakh. NKR MFA expresses hope that guided by their fundamental
principles, the European structures will reconsider their prejudiced
approach to democratic procedures in Nagorno Karabakh," authors of
the statement consider.

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