PACE Regular Session Held In Paris


AzerTag, Azerbaijan
Dec 13 2006

Regular session of the Committee of Parliamentary Assembly of the
Council of Europe on migration, refugees and population took place
in Paris. Discussed were the questions of regulation of illegal
immigration, activity of the Development Bank of the Council of Europe,
position of workers-immigrants in agencies of day-work. Also were
considered the questions connected with missing persons in Azerbaijan,
Georgia and Armenia, the people looking for refuges in Europe, state
of democracy and human rights in the European states and others.

At session, the Dutch deputy Leo Platvoet made report on the theme
"The missing people in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia".

L. Platvoet has noted, that with the purpose of gathering the facts
for preparation of the report, he alongside with Armenia and Georgia
has twice visited Azerbaijan, has met members of the government,
parliament, other officials, and also families of the people who
have missing.

The reporter informed, that as a result of occupation of the
Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan by Armenia and adjacent 7
regions, 4604 Azerbaijanis have missed. The report reflects the fact,
that many of them are alive and secretly contained in territory of
the occupied Nagorno Karabakh and in Armenia. The report in detail
narrates about the problem with which Azerbaijan has faced, including
about creation in Nagorno Karabakh of the so-called "government"
of a separatist regime, the armed forces of Armenia located at the
occupied Azerbaijan lands.

The report notes that the Council of Europe recognizes territorial
integrity of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, emphasizing that
discussion of the question at all does not mean recognition in this
or that form of Nagorno Karabakh, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, where
today there are conflicts. In the document, it is stated that Armenia
till now ignores four resolutions of Security Council of the United
Nations on unconditional liberation of the Azerbaijan territories.

These Resolutions have recognized the territorial integrity and
sovereignty of Azerbaijan, the report underlines.

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