NKR: The Statement Of Groups And Factions Of NKR Parliament


Azat Artsakh, Republic of Nagorno Karabakh [NKR]
11 Dec 2006

On December 10, 2006 a referendum on the adoption of Constitution will
be held in Nagorno Karabakh Republic. Over the past years about 500
laws have been adopted, including constitutional laws. It is time
to set down the real basis for public order, organization of the
society, the relations of person and state. The analysis of 15 years
of experience of NKR as an independent state, which survived through
the war that was imposed on it, the success as well as difficulty
of the reform of the society and settlement of economic problems
show that there is no alternative to the track it has taken. The
basis of a democratic society and free market economy was created
in a short period of history. The system of public administration,
democratization and promotion of political reforms, the development
and strengthening of the principles and mechanisms of market economy,
the reform of the legal basis, establishment of the institutions
of civil society, the adoption of the European principles of local
government are the result of the path we have already passed. The
presidential, parliamentary and local elections, which preceded the
constitutional referendum, were a serious test on mature democracy,
commitment to free and transparent elections compliant with European
principles and proved that the line adopted by NKR is irreversible. The
characteristic feature of the development of the state is the urge
of the society for renovation. In this respect, the referendum on
December 10 will become a logical summary of the stage of political
self-organization of the society, which started 15 years ago and was
marked by the expression of the will of people in connection with the
independence. The adoption of the Constitution of Nagorno-Karabakh
Republic is the imperative of the time. It will enable not only to
set down the basic principles of sovereignty in the Constitution and
mark the new stage of development of our Republic but will also become
an impetus for the establishment and development of new, more liberal
principles and the civil society. Our people have the right to decide
the fate of the present and future generations by expressing their
will freely, and we expect that the international community, which
upholds the right of nations for self-determination, and principles
of civilized cooperation will appreciate duly the referendum on
the NKR Constitution. The Democratic and Hayrenik factions and the
ARF-Movement 88 Group of the NKR National Assembly made a statement
during the December 6 meeting of the NKR National Assembly.

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