BAKU: PACE Committee Condemned Armenian Provocation


Democratic Azerbaijan
Dec 12 2006

December 8, in Paris regular meeting of PACE Committee on culture,
science and education was held dedicated to "Dialogue between Religions
and Cultures".

Then, 5 reports were made related to this subject, broad discussion
was held and it was decided to hold special colloquium, February 27,
in Strasburg, as to continue this discussion.

Rafael Huseinov, representative of Azerbaijani delegation to PACE,
who joined the said event said: Today, when we are stressing necessity
of further development of dialogue between cultures, quite different
event is taking place in Strasburg, the city, where central office
is situated. December 6, due to Armenian efforts, exhibition has
been opened there, being another provocation against Azerbaijan and
manifesting new territorial claims of Armenia against Azerbaijan.

Leading texts of the exhibition say particularly that Nakhchivan
Autonomous Republic, integral part of Azerbaijan, allegedly is ancient
Armenian territory, monuments belonging to Azerbaijan are presented as
Armenian heritage. Not only participation of the Minister of Foreign
Affairs of Armenia, but also official from Strasburg municipality in
the event and his making speech cause necessity for serious evaluation
of this event.

Armenia is the only member-state of Council of Europe being
country-aggressor. With such steps it shows that it not only
doesn’t wish to stop occupation but intends to expand it. Today,
when talks within the frames of Minsk Group with France as co-chair
have intensified, such provocative steps are inadmissible. Council
of Europe should express its strict attitude to this issue.

Committee members who took floor on this issue supported Azerbaijani
deputy and condemned provocative actions of Armenians.

Asked by AzerTaj correspondent on what steps Azerbaijan should take
connected with this exhibition, R. Huseinov, said: Armenian Society of
Friendship Alzas in Strasburg organized this exhibition. Outwardly it
seems such, but actually Armenia organized it. The main organizer is
Armenian woman, Aida Rozenshtil. With the use of authoritative last
name of old Jew, her husband, in Strasburg and Alzas she managed to
realize provocative actions of such kind, and she is able to do it in
future. Our compatriots have good community in Strasburg they organized
"Azerbaijani Home". I think for more fruitful work it is necessary
to increase assistance from Azerbaijan for them. Recently I met with
well-known representatives of Azerbaijani community in Strasburg, and
Azerbaijani students studying there. I asked them to express protest
in different ways in connection with provocative exhibition. Official
protest of Azerbaijan is also necessary otherwise more serious
complications will follow. In February 2006, when Armenians achieved
adoption of statement by European Parliament that khachkers – stone
crosses in Nakhchivan belong to Armenia and that allegedly they were
destroyed by Azerbaijanis, it was the time for us to start working
hard. One protest is nothing. Truth is on our side, at the same time we
possess facts proving falsehood of Armenian sayings, we have numerous
arguments connected with outrages committed by Armenians against our
nation, our country, culture and slowness would cost very dear for
us. We should drive provocative Armenia into corner all the time.

We should organize photo exhibition showing acts of vandalism committed
by Armenians against our culture, heritage, Azerbaijani cemeteries. We
should demonstrate it in Europe, in USA in different large cities
of the world, launching propaganda and revelatory campaign against

Reports connected with meeting of sub-committee attached to the said
committee held in Baku November 29-30 dedicated to issues of press and
workshops dedicated to European criterion of education and training
for professional journalism were made.UK representative A. Mackintosh
and Azerbaijani representative, R. Huseinov, underlined that Baku forum
with participation of politicians and mass media representatives from
10 countries was very useful and presented significant recommendations
on further development of press and journalist education.

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