"Our City" NGO Proposes To Build New Youth Palace With Previous One’


Noyan Tapan
Dec 08 2006

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 8, NOYAN TAPAN. A number of buildings presenting
historic-cultural value, including the Youth Palace, was destroyed
as a result of wide-spread construction being implemented in Yerevan
during the recent years.

Anahit Tarkhanian, the Chairwoman of the "Our City" public organization
made such a statement at the December 8 meeting with journalists. She
stated that the organization proposes to build new one in the
place of the previous palace, which will repeat the previous one’s
appearance. In A.Tarkhanian’s words, the draft formed by them
envisages only "adding some meters" the height of the building,
what will give possibility to add the number of hotel rooms. "The
Youth Palace is a condensed and complete work, and as no owner may
change, for example, Aivazovsky’s canvases, nobody must change the
appearance of the palace," A.Tarkhanian stated. She stated that the
"Our City" NGO representatives addressed to the Yerevan Mayor’s
Office with a proposal to jointly discuss the issues of the palace
draft and building, but they got refusal from chief archtect Samvel
Danielian. In A.Tarkhanian’s words, the organization addressed with
the same proposal to one of the owners of the territory being built,
but it got no response. A.Tarkhanian emphasized that, irrespective of
everything, they intend "to go to the end and attain that the Youth
Palace is restored."

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