The Hearths of Disobedience Increase


[07:56 pm] 23 November, 2006

«When a child I couldn’t understand how could a few
Turks displace over 10 000 Armenians and murder them.
But today, I already understand it. Nowadays we
counter the same phenomenon», announced Arkadi
Karapetyan, president of «Erkrapah» Union during the
first conference of Civil Disobedience Movement.

Mr. Karapetyan claims that we must forget about our
political views, preferences and unite as the moment
is pressing. «To give you a full picture of my
personality, I can add that I have got a house in
Yerevan, but I don’t have my business. I just want to
proceed the deal we initiated in Artsakh», said Mr.

In his words it is time to act and not to speak.

There were also other guests at the conference. They
maintain that today’s chaos is determined by the fact
that the current regime is constantly breeching human

Susanna Haroutyunyan, president of «Armenian Mothers»
NGO, claims that disorder reigns in all marzes of
Armenia. Each marz is ruled by some criminal
representative. Each day thousands of crimes are
committed at our sight but no one bears responsibility
or is punished for his wrongdoing.

Mr. Haroutyunyan was indignant at the Prime Minster’s
announcement that Armenian can live on the 11 000 AMD
pension. «Even the mouse of the Prime Minster cannot
live on that sum».

Today, Vachagan Hakobyan, president of «Protector of
the Right to Property» NGO also joined the
disobedience movement members. «Let’s ally and combat
these robbers with joint efforts», offered Mr.

Academician Rafael Ghazaryan was among the movement
representatives too. By the way, he has been seriously
ill for a few months. «I am abandoning this world but
so far I don’t see the country I longed to have».

The current authorities lead the country to collapse.
No justice is administered. And when people see that
their hopes are frustrated they become disappointed. I
call on you not to surrender and to struggle till the
end. I am glad that such movement was launched in
Armenia», ended the academician.

On November 27 at 12:00 the Civil Disobedience
Movement will hold a meeting opposite the
Constitutional Court in connection with the frauds and
fabrications of the Constitutional amendments.

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