Deputies Cannot Engage In Charity


[01:30 pm] 22 November, 2006

NA Deputy Hranoush Hakobyan does not want the electors to be misled,
"Some people say this or that deputy carried out a charity act. The
rights and responsibilities of NA deputies do not include charity;
it is not our responsibility. We get a salary of only 500 USD which is
barely enough for our own needs. A question rises: how can we engage
in charity?"

According to the deputy, it would be more correct for the journalists
to say that a businessman (who might also be a deputy) carried out
a charity act. "In this case it is clear that a businessman can have
income and can do whatever he wants. These are two different things",
the deputy told "A1+" complaining that the people are misled by wrong
formulations. "When you meet your electors, they think you must give
them money from your own pocket".

The head of the NA Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture
and Youth thinks that any act of charity carried out by a deputy or
a party in the pre-election period is bribery. "Charity is what you
do and keep silent about. But if you do something hoping to get votes
for it tomorrow, that has nothing to do with charity".

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