NKR President’s Meetings In Detroit


Public Radio, Armenia
Nov 14 2006

Issues related to the Karabakh conflict resolution, as well as
the prospects of socio-economic development of Nagorno Karabakh
were discussed during NKR President Arkady Ghukasyan’s metering
with Congressman Joe Knollenberg in Detroit, NKR President’s Press
Office reports.

Congratulating Joe Knollenberg on his reelection to Congress,
Arkady Ghukasyan expressed gratitude for the assistance in promoting
NKR interests. For his part, Joe Knollenberg, who co-chairs the
Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues, expressed his willingness
to continue addressing NKR questions.

In Detroit NKR President had a meeting with representatives of the
Armenian community.

Turning to the situation of the Karabakh conflict settlement, Arkady
Ghukasyan declared that the people of Artsakh will not be frightened
by Azerbaijani militant statements. He underlined that NKR Defense
Army is able to show proper resistance to any infringement against
the freedom and independence of Nagorno Karabakh.

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