ANKARA: Armenians Pleased with Democrats’ Victory

Zaman Online, Turkey
Nov 10 2006

Armenians Pleased with Democrats’ Victory
By Zaman, Washington
Friday, November 10, 2006

The Armenian lobby in the United States is happy about the victory of
the Democrat Party in the congressional elections. Armenians find the
new Congress leaders closer to themselves and hope that the genocide
claims will pass into law.

A written statement released by the American Armenian Assembly (AAA)
expressed the Armenians’ satisfaction over Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s
new post as Speaker of the House.

Brian Ardouny, the executive director of AAA, said if the alleged
genocide passed in Congress, new opportunities would arise for them.

Sending a statement last month to Harut Sassounian, the owner of the
California Courier, Pelosi said she was in support of the Armenian
claims on genocide and added, `This initiative has the strong
supports of both parties in the House of Representatives. I will
continue backing these efforts in the 110th Congress.’

The American Armenian National Committee also remarked that they were
quite happy about Nancy Pelosi’s new post.

Preparing reports and maintaining files on politicians according to
the extent they support their allegations and making these public for
the Armenian people, the Armenian organizations in the country are
known to have been harboring hatred against President Bush and the
former chairman of the House of Representatives Dennis Hastert for
not backing their unfounded claims.

The majority of those closer to the Armenian policies are from the
Democrat Party.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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