We Need In State Efforts

Aram Abrahamian

Aravot, Armenia
Nov 2 2006

Turks and Azerbaijanis have always paid more attention to propaganda
than the Armenians do. I suppose that one of the reasons is the
difference of national character; those peoples pay more attention to
external effects, demonstrative steps than we do. And we can notice
it easily comparing our and their literature and art. Besides this
basic difference there is another certain circumstance; why the
Azerbaijani propaganda is more active since 1994. That circumstance
is the following; those who lose cry more loudly than the winners.

"What else could Azerbaijan do? It has lost the war, the control over
Karabakh, fell under influence of about 500 thousands refugees. What
must the President of Azerbaijan and Foreign Minister answer their
people is not to pretend as if they struggle to get NK and occupied
territories back",- RA first President writes in his famous article.

That’s true, but 12,5 years have passed since the cease fire and there
is no hope the conflict will be settled soon. During this period the
Azeris are very active and our neighbours aggressive style will have
its results.

I remembered all these when we were informed that the Azeris presented
a book in the international book fair in Frankfurt, the main part of
which was devoted to anti-Armenian propaganda. That cynical lie may
produce a great impression on middle literate European.

And we, the Armenians, have a right to wait for the opposing answer
of our state.

The officials say in this case: "Just you, the journalists must be
engaged in it". I don’t agree with it.

First of all journalism and PR are different things. And the second,
if I try to prove with the help of Armenian newspaper that Amberd is
an Armenia monument, my readers will consider it rather strange.

We need in state efforts, state approach.

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