Center For Restoration And Keeping Musical Instruments To Be Founded


Noyan Tapan
Nov 01 2006

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 1, NOYAN TAPAN. On the initiative of the RA Ministry
of Culture and Youth Issues and the "Culture and Cooperation"
European association restoring musical instruments, education
programs for masters, restoring, keeping and making new musical
instruments, are being implemented in Armenia during the period of
time from September, 2006 till July, 2007. As Philip Backman, the
Chairman of the association, the National Histrionic Art Director of
Chalons-en-Champagne, stated at the October 31 press conference this
program was adopted by the European Commission and is being implemented
in member countries of the European Union. "The idea of implementing
the program in Armenia appeared a year ago, when I visited Armenia and
saw what good music and what good specialists the Armenians have,"
Ph.Backman stated. He mentioned that within the framework of the
program, the Yerevan Komitas Conservatory, Al.Spendiarian Opera
and Ballet Academic Theater, Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia,
State Chamber Orchestra of Armenia as well as Aram Khachaturian
House-Museum will be their partners in Armenia. In Pl.Backman’s words,
it is envisaged to organize during a year European specialists’
short term missions to Armenia and Armenian masters’ long-term
missions to European countries. Besides, a center for restoration of
musical instruments will be founded in Armenia, workshops will open
and exchange of experience in making Armenian people’s instruments
with European masters will be organized. Pl.Backman also stated that
the Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia participating in the concert
to take place in France in February, 2007, will perform with already
restored instruments.

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