BAKU: Deputy Foreign Minister: There Is No Territorial Conflict Betw


Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
Oct 31 2006

"There is not any territorial conflict between Azerbaijan and
Georgia. There are some uncoordinated areas on the front lines of
both countries and these areas are being coordinated in the level of
experts," Georgi Manjgaladze, Deputy Foreign Minister, the chief of
Delimitation and Demarcation Commission told the APA Georgia bureau

He said that nearly 300 km of 460 km (65%) border line between
Azerbaijan-Georgia was coordinated by the experts. Manjgaladze said
that it is still early to reason about the document to be signed on
the delimitation and demarcation of the border line.

"Azerbaijan and Georgia work on the problem intensively. Delimitation
and demarcation commissions had two joint meetings this year,
and the experts meet continuously and try to coordinate disputable
territories," he said.

Georgi Manjjgaladze also said that delimitation and demarcation
problems of the territories will be discussed during Georgian Foreign
Minister Gela Bezhuashvili’s short-termed visit to Baku.

"The delimitation of the territories will be one of the problems to
be discussed by the minister during his visit. Generally, Georgia
only has agreement with Turkey on delimitation and demarcation of
territories.300 km of 900 km border line between Russia and Georgia
was coordinated by the intergovernmental commissions, 450 km in the
level of experts. We could coordinate only 100 km of 220km border
line between Armenia and Georgia.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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