BAKU: Azerbaijani Parliamentarians’ Appeal Discussed In CE Ministers


Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
Oct 25 2006

The 978th meeting of the representatives of ministers was held in the
CE Ministers committee, APA Europe bureau reports. Four written appeals
to Ministers Council made by Rafael Huseynov and Genire Pashayeva,
the representatives of Azerbaijani Parliament in PACE was discussed
in the meeting.

The document sent by Rafael Huseynov is called "Impediment of the
dangerous precedent caused to the future and integrity of Europe by
the belligerent Armenia, which is not willing to obey international
laws and legal norms" and the documents sent by Genire Pashayeva are
called "Environmental catastrophe as a result of the pollution of the
Azerbaijani water sources with chemical and biological substances by
Armenia" , "The functioning of the Metsamor Atomic Power Station of
Armenia : great danger for the South Caucasus and the whole of Europe",
"Regular violation of the agreement on cease-fire regime between
Azerbaijan and Armenia and crimes against humanity perpetrated by
armed forces of Armenia against civil citizens of Azerbaijan". The
discussions were tense. Armenian side suggested removing of these
issues from Ministers Committee’s agenda and suggested sending
a letter to PACE President, because they think there will not be
consensus. Azerbaijani Standing Representatives in PACE also made
speeches in the meeting. Azerbaijani side also presented Pashyeva’s
position on Metsamor Atomic Power Station to the committee. She stated
that the work of this station is dangerous not only for Azerbaijan,
but also for the region. Turkey, Germany and Switzerland supported
Azerbaijani’s position.

At the end, the chief of the committee suggested holding consultations
between Azerbaijan and Armenia on this problem with its participation
and it was decided to discuss the problem in further meetings.

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