Ursula Plasnik: EU-Turkey talks at a critical point

Ursula Plasnik: EU-Turkey talks at a critical point
19.10.2006 13:25

Public Radio, Armenia
Oct 19 2006

Acting Foreign Minister of Austria Ursula Plasnik has declared that
Turkey’s entry talks with the European Union have entered a critical
phase. "EU-Turkey talks, which started a year ago, have reached
a critical point," she said Wednesday after the meeting with her
countrpart from Cyprus Georgios Lilikas.

"The European Union has clearly mentioned in the statement of 21
September, 2005 that it anticipates progress in the settlement of the
Cyprus issue on the part of Turkey," the Austrian Foreign Minister
said. She reminded also that Ankara has undertaken the obligation to
apply the custom union to all new EU member states. "Nevertheless,
it has not been the case up to now," Plasnik underlined. "The European
Union is patient, but it makes no discounts for separate partners.

Turkey should choose which direction it will be moving," she added.

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