The Club Of Young Diplomats Will Host His Excellency Ambassador Henr


Public Radio, Armenia
Oct 18 2006

On Thursday October 19, 3pm the Club of Young Diplomats at Yerevan
State University will host outgoing Ambassador of France to Armenia
H.E. Henry Cuny at the Balian Hall in YSU. The Club of Young Diplomats
has always enjoyed the friendly relationships with the French Embassy
and Ambassador H. Cuny. His Excellency has visited the University on a
number of occasions. One of the occasions was the presentation of His
Excellency’s "Le Bonheur Sur Tous Les Tons" (Happiness of Any Kind)
published in Armenia, a unique publication that alters Ambassador
Cuny’s original thoughts on HAPPYNESS. Copies of the book will be
distributed to interested students with author’s signature at the
end of the event. Yet this meeting will be special since it is a
kind of a farewell to students, a segment of the Armenian society
His Excellency favored the most.

An analogous event was organized to farewell H.E. Ambassador Paolo
Andrea Trabalza of Italy in 2004. Thus the Club develops a tradition
of holding special farewell events for outgoing Ambassador’s who have
significantly contributed to strengthening of the relations of their
respective states with Armenia and have integrated into the cultural
life of Yerevan.

Ambassador Cuny completes his mission in Armenia in 10 days and the
Club of Young Diplomats wanted to invite his Excellency over for an
informal interactive meeting with the student body of our Alma Mater,
a kind of a farewell to a special friend and a skilled diplomat. "His
Excellency expressed willingness to meet up with the student body long
before, yet we wanted to host the Ambassador later this month to ask
him sum up on his mission, his President’s visit to Armenia and the
"ARMENIE MONAMIE" the year of Armenia in France program to share his
views and valuable thoughts, feelings about Armenia, Armenian people
and culture as well as on his unique perception of life and happiness",
says Erik Grigoryan, the head of the student club.

"To be hold on the aftermath of President Chirac’s trip to Armenia
and on the eve of the official start of the Armenian Year In France
Program, the meeting will bear the flavor of the traditional friendship
of Armenian and French people and the partnership of the two states",
Mr. Grigoryan added.

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