They Make Money Out Of Caudron


[12:25 pm] 17 October, 2006

45-year-old Vitally, resident of Yerevan, hands over the caudrons
of his house to buy everyday bread. One can meet him twice a week in
one of the back-streets of Mashtots Avenue handing over pans in the
metal taking spot.

"If I remain hungry, can a pan feed me? I only hand over the things
of my house. It is rather difficult to sell them. Who will give money
for second-hand pans?"

claims Vitally. He doesn’t work as in his words he cannot find a
job. The only person that works in their three-member family is his
wife but she is hardly able to make both ends meet. 1000 – 2000AMD
taken from the pan handing is a great assistance to the family. By
the way, they give 1500 AMD per a kilo of copper and 370 AMD per a
kilo of aluminum.

Vitally is not the only person who earns money in this way. One can
meet both well-looking people and people in worn out clothes in the
metal taking spots.

48-year-old Gegham, living in Abovyan, works with construction
companies from time to time. But he prefers collecting metal and
handing it over to manual work. "When I worked I had to wait for my
salary for ages. It is more profitable to take metal out of garbage
and to hand it over as you know that at least you won’t die of hunger."

None of the metal taking spots is interested in the source of
metal. And what do the owners of metal taking spots do with the
metal? They refrained answering our question. According to some
sources, the metal is then exported to Iran.

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