NKR: Prison Psychotherapy May Prove Effective

Evika Babayan

Azat Artsakh, Republic of Nagorno Karabakh
Oct 7 2006

Civic Action Center NGO has recently held a seminar for the staff of
the prison of Shushi on prison psychotherapy. "During the monitoring
of prisons our organization helps inmates who need psychologist’s
help. Moreover, the psychologist of the CAC works with the staff of
the prisons," says the director of the center Albert Voskanian. Zoya
Mayilian, the psychologist of the center says the necessity for prison
psychotherapy occurred due to the need of inmates for psychologist’s
help, as well as the insufficiency of ordinary methods. In answer to
our question whether prison psychotherapy may have a beneficial effect
on the prisoner’s psychology, Zoya Mayilian said it may prevent clashes
between individuals and groups of inmates, suicides, as well as help
them get used to the prison life, correctional methods more easily.

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