ANKARA: 3 Turks Excluded From Dutch Elections For Rejecting ‘Genocid


The New Anatolian, Turkey
Sept 27 2006

Three Turkish-origin candidates have been removed from the Dutch
elections list for not recognizing the Armenian genocide claims,
ahead of the early general elections in the Netherlands set for Nov 22.

The removal of the three Turkish-origin candidates — Erdinc Sacan from
the Dutch Labor Party (PVDA) and Ayhan Tonca and Osman Elmaci from
Christian Democratic Party (CDA) — is the result of the activities
of the Armenian lobby in the Netherlands.

The activities of the Armenian lobby started last week when they sent
a letter to the CDA’s administration saying that its two candidates
back Turkey’s policies vis-a-vis the Armenian genocide allegations.

The campaign also found backing from the Dutch press.

Dutch Premier Jan Peter Balkenende’s CDA announced late Tuesday
the removal of Turkish-origin candidates, Tonca and Elmaci, from the
party’s candidate list. Although Tonca and Elmaci previously expressed
support for the CDA’s stance towards the Armenian genocide claims,
the Armenian lobby claimed that they lied about their support, a move
resulted in them being removed from the elections list.

Sacan’s removal from the PVDA’s list of candidates was announced by
party leader Michiel van Hulten late Tuesday. Van Hulten stated that
ambiguity on the party’s stance towards the Armenian genocide claims
is unacceptable and therefore he had no other choice.

The PVDA, which is supported by Turks in the Netherlands, is expected
to win the most of seats in the elections.

Both parties that have removed Turkish candidates from their lists
stated that their parties recognize the Armenian genocide claims
based on an Armenian proposal submitted by the CDA to the Parliament
on Dec 21, 2004 and approved by all political parties.

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