U.S. Visa Applications To Be Submitted Electronically


[11:59 am] 26 September, 2006

The United States Embassy in Yerevan is making the transition from
hand-written visa applications to computerized visa applications. This
will mean that applicants will not have to wait as long for their
interviews once they submit their applications, because the consular
staff will not have to spend time entering their data into the

Starting immediately, applicants who submit the Electronic Visa
Application Form (EVAF) for U.S. nonimmigrant visas will be given
preference for appointments. And beginning November 1, 2006 the EVAF
will be required for ALL U.S. nonimmigrant visa applications.

The electronic form (EVAF) requires the same information as the
current, printed form, which is called the DS-156. The EVAF is
available on the Internet at at no cost.

The form must be filled out on-line. Then the completed form must
be printed and brought to the consular section at the time of the
visa interview.

Applicants using the EVAF must fill out the form before scheduling
a visa appointment, because they must give the EVAF barcode number
when scheduling.

When applicants use the EVAF, they help our consular posts improve
the visa services we provide our customers. The EVAF, which has been
online for more than three years, allows for quicker and more accurate
data entry. Our customers do not have to wait for us to enter the data,
and therefore can have their interviews more quickly.

Information must be typed into the EVAF in English.

However, instructions in Armenian and Russian are available on the
consular web site at There are many locations
where you can use a computer to access the Internet to fill out and
print the form. These include Internet cafes, schools, universities
and public-library computer centers, and the American Corners currently
located in Yerevan and Gyumri.

Beginning Nov. 1, 2006, only applications prepared using the EVAF
system will be accepted by the consular section in Yerevan.


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