Armenia 53rd In Economic Freedom Rating


09.09.2006 14:33 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ According to the report, made public by the Cato
Institute, Hong Kong is the leader on economic freedom indicators in
the world. It is followed by Singapore, New Zealand, Switzerland and
the US. The UK and Ireland are the sixth. The top ten also includes
Canada, Island and Luxembourg.

Among the countries of the former USSR Estonia has the highest place –
it is the 12th. Latvia and Lithuania are 35th and 40th respectively,
while Georgia and Armenia both on the 53rd place, and Azerbaijan is
the 83rd. Russia is 102nd, thus it occupies a place lower than most
of the former USSR country. The situation with freedom is even worse
in Ukraine, which is the 111th. Zimbabwe and Burma are on the last
places of the rating of 130 countries.

Cato Institute has been annually publishing the rating of economic
freedom of the countries of the world since 1980, reports

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