Trafficking Grows


[03:46 pm] 08 September, 2006

During the latest report of the UN State Department
Armenia was included in the second risk group in
connection with trafficking. The problem of
trafficking is growing deeper in Armenia. Private
non-governmental investigations testify to this. Today
two suchlike presentations took place.

The investigations were carried out by the Armenian
Aid Union and Armenian Sociology Association. In both
cases the US Embassy and the OSCE Yerevan office
supported the works. The first theme was "Illegal
trade and work exploitation of Armenian migrants"; the
second was "Children in Armenian children’s homes and
special schools". In the first case 2500 citizens
participated in the survey. 48 of them were exploited
during migration. Part of the cases can be considered

"Taking into account the fact that about a million
Armenians have left abroad to find work during the
last 12-14 years, the proportion presupposes that
about 20 thousand people have had similar problems",
the report says. The investigations prove that 2/3 of
the participants of the survey have been subject of
work exploitation, 15% were forced into prostitution,
and about 5% were forced into slavery.

By the way, the lists of countries where work
exploitation and sexual exploitation takes place,
differ a lot. From the point of view of work
exploitation Russia takes the first place followed by
Turkey, USA, Germany, Poland and Greece. From the
point of view of sexual exploitation the list is
topped by Turkey, Arab Emirates, Russia, Iran and
Syria. The second report revealed that from the point
of view of exploitation the children from children’s
homes and special schools are considered the risk

Factually, the investigations, as well as the
discussions after them do not offer any remedy for
this "disease". They just mention that we ought to
raise public awareness about the concept of
trafficking, as well as the mechanisms of leaving for
abroad and finding job there.

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