A Nation Cannot Live With Perception Of Past Only


07 Sept 06

The society in Armenia has lost social flexibility and turned into
castes, stated Hmayak Hovanisyan, the chair of the Union of Political
Scientists September 7 at the Pakagits Club in connection with the
state and the society.

"The social flexibility of the society is declining, and castes
are forming, in fact, which resemble the social pattern typical of
the eastern tyrannies," says Hmayak Hovanisyan. According to him,
people who even went through genocide had respectable leaders,
whereas the picture is the contrary now. The political scientist
thinks that the consequence of this state of things is the violence,
which has become continuous. "In our reality, the criminal world has
already lost the perception of fear or borders, and became brazen
to the extent that even the commissioned officers, who have passed a
military way, are becoming a target," says Hmayak Hovanisyan hinting
at the assassination of Shahen Hovasapyan, the head of the Department
of Investigations of the State Tax Agency.

"Today they worship Mammon, money is a god, money is everything.

Money is higher than the most precious thing, human life. And if
today man assesses money higher than his life, it is clear that that
for him money is more important than someone else’s life.

Therefore people are assassinated," thinks Hmayak Hovanisyan.

For the present state of the society, Hmayak Hovanisyan quotes
Robert Kocharyan’s words at the famous meeting of the Council of
Security in 1998 when Kocharyan said that Armenia may develop like
Israel, insulated, no relations with the neighbors. Hmayak Hovanisyan
says the comparison is good in some sense because life showed that
it is possible to increase both the budget and the foreign money
transfers. In the long run, however, it is wrong to compare Armenia
with Israel because the Israeli society has an integrated and common
idea of its past, present and future, and the Armenian society is
common only with regard to the past, and is currently turning into
castes, which makes a secure future impossible.

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