BAKU: Azeri President Issued Order Regarding 125 Anniversary Of Irav

Author: S.Aliyev

TREND Information, Azerbaijan
Aug. 31, 2006

The President of Azerbaijan issued an order on 125th jubilee of Iravan
State Dramatic Theatre of Azerbaijan. As it was stated in the order,
Irevan Theatre that takes an important role in the development of the
national theatre is one of the oldest cultural centers in the Caucasus.

Starting its activity at the beginning of 1882, this cultural center
has written shiny pages in the theatre history if Azerbaijan.

Besides, it was stated in the order that by receiving the state status
in 1928, that takes the name of popular dramatist Jafar Jabarli is
closely related to several masters.

It is stared in the order that Iravan Theatre did its best to
introduce cultural heritage of Azerbaijan to tens of thousand of
Azerbaijani people who leaved in historical Azerbaijani territories
that were included in the territory of Armenia SSR in result of false
determination of borders during the Soviet Union.

Iravan Theatre was forced to fully stop its activity in result of
Armenian-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in result of which
Azerbaijani people were drown out from their native lands. Iravan
Theatre that has been locating in Baku since 1988 differs with its
own performances and attracts the people loving theatre with its
creative successes.

Taking into consideration the role of the theatre in the cultural
and political life of Azerbaijan, the president ordered that the
Azerbaijani Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Education Ministry,
Azerbaijan National academy of Sciences and Azerbaijan Union of Theatre
Workers should prepare and carry out a plan of measures dedicated to
125 anniversary of Iravan Theatre, and the Cabinet of Ministers of
Azerbaijan should fulfill all issues arising from the order.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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