Restaurants Penalized For Exceeding Permitted Music Volume


Aug 29 2006

YEREVAN, AUGUST 29, ARMENPRESS: Six restaurants and open-air cafes in
Yerevan were subjected to administrative penalties for violating a
rule that forbids loud music after 11 pm. The restaurants and cafes
were identified during raids by municipality authorities across
night Yerevan.

The most severe penalty set by the law is forbidding a restaurant or
a cafe to hire musicians and play live music while monetary penalties
range between 25,000 to 30,000 drams.

Karen Gevorkian, head of a municipality trade department, said two
restaurants were penalized for exceeding the permitted music volume
last week alone.

He said residents of nearby houses continue to complain and this is
why they will continue to monitor the situation until October.

He said the president instructed health authorities, police and
the municipality to take action and ensure quiet for residents at
night hours.

According to the official figures, Yerevan has 1,073 restaurants,
open-air cafe, bars and night clubs.

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