Security Agencies Against The Republican Party

21 Aug 06

The Republican Party has over 500 heads of communities and does
not necessarily need to win all the local elections, stated Galust
Sahakyan, member of the Council of the Republican Party August
19 at the Azdak Club, commenting on the election in the village of
Nalbandyan, Armavir region. In the election, which took place several
days ago, the candidate backed by the Republican Party was defeated
by the candidate supported by Bargavach Hayastan Party.

"I think that we the Republican Party did not use all its potential
in Nalbandyan, personally I did not visit there because these are
common elections, there will be both defeats and victories," says
Galust Sahakyan. He thinks that many tried to turn the election into
a greater political problem and draw conclusions.

"As for the Bargavach – Republican relations, myths and lyrics
succeeded alternately. The problem is that over these months Bargavach
Hayastan has become considerably strong, set its path and will run in
the election duly. This is my logic," says the chair of the Republican
faction. He did not give a direct and clear answer to a news reporter
whether the Republican Party and Bargavach Hayastan do not have an
arragement to divide the parliament seats equally.

"As for arrangements. In fact, it would be too good if there was an
arrangement with the Bargavach Hayastan Party along with the other
political forces. It would allow a more normal and logical stance
in the election," says Galust Sahakyan. Returning to the election
in the village of Nalbandyan, Galust Sahakyan made another effort to
relieve the impression about the defeat of the Republican Party.

"I do not think that there was a race between political parties
there. Yes, in our logic it was an election full of alarms and
troubles, in accordance with our analyses. It is usual for our reality
that the security agencies always back one of the candidates.

And if the elections are not politicized, the candidate wins which is
backed by the logic of force and the local strongmen, who can back
one candidate or the other one way or another," says the member of
the Council of the Republican Party.

Not only does he think that it is time to prevent the participation of
law enforcers but he also thinks that it is too late. However, Galust
Sahakyan, who thinks so, disagrees that the underlying precondition
for neutralizing the factor of force is to remove the Republican
defense minister from the army to bar the army from being involved
in the election. It appears that Galust Sahakyan does not consider
Serge Sargsyan a representative of a security agency, he thinks he is
"one of the political and public figures of the time".