FARFAA: Round-Table on Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery

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Round -Table on << Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery>>.

August 3rd, 2006


FARFAA (Armenia) together with the Salzburg Fellows on Neurosurgery,
with the technical support of the <<Arbess>>Rehabilitation Center
organized Round -Table on <<Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery>>.

The Round -Table took place on August 3rd and 21 doctors from
different Yerevan hospitals have participated, most of them were

Dr.Hrayr Shahinian (USA) was the invited guest-lecturer.

Dr H.Shahinian is the director of the Skull Base Institute ( Los
Angeles, USA().

The Skull Base Institute (SBI), a designated Center of Excellence, is
the first and only center devoted exclusively to the art of skull base
surgery. It is the world’s premier institute to perform every procedure
using minimally invasive endoscopic techniques and after pioneering
completely endoscopic pituitary surgery, the only to do fully endoscopic
acoustic neuroma, meningioma and microvascular decompression surgery in
the posterior fossa.

Dr. Shahinian, and SBI’s team uniquely qualified to operate on the
most complex area of the human anatomy and contributes to the success in
treating over 2,400 skull base patients.

The goal of the Round -Table was to present the latest information,
experience and knowledge of the well known Endoscopic skull base
surgeon to armenian doctors.

Dr Shahinian informed local doctors about the advantages of the
endoscopic surgery, minimal complications and excellent outcome after
the brain tumors removal endoscopically.

We wish to acknowledge and to express our deep appreciation to Mr Vahe
Yakubian and Manushak Yeritzyan for their assistance in organizing
the event..

FAR FAA is a non-for-profit organization of medical professionals, aimed
at improving the health care system of the community and advancing
medical sciences in Armenia.


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