Document Developed Within Framework Of Armenia-NATO IPAP Published


Aug 08 2006

YEREVAN, AUGUST 8, ARMENPRESS: The document developed within the
framework of the Armenia-NATO Individual Partnership Action Plan has
been published.

The document consists of 4 chapters "Political and Security Related
Issues", "Defense and Military Issues", "Public Information, Science,
Environment, Civil Emergency Preparedness Issues" and "Administrative,
Protective Security and Resource Issues".

In the first chapter it is said that Armenia is aimed at
deepening cooperation with European and Euro-Atlantic structures
and institutions, intends to intensify practical and political
cooperation with NATO in order to draw closer to the Alliance, wants
to promote regional security and stability in the Caucasus and is
determined to work constructively to develop and improve relations
with neighbors. The chapter also says that Armenia will work towards
the peaceful settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict and is fully
supportive of the efforts of the OSCE Minsk Group in this regard,
it also seeks normalization of relations with Turkey.

The chapter also says that Armenia is determined to make further
progress in democratic reform, human rights, the rule of law,
transparency, and the fight against corruption. Armenia intends
to solidify democratic institutions and processes, in particular
through constitutional, electoral, and legal reforms, with the aim of
conforming fully to internationally recognized standards. Armenia is
determined to combat corruption and intends to undertake practical
measures to institute transparent and broad-based accountability
mechanisms, and to improve training and awareness for public officials,
the document says.

According to it, Armenia also intends to review its crisis management
arrangements with the aim of improving crisis management arrangements
and procedures and is determined to strengthen its capabilities to
combat terrorism and organized crime.

Armenia also intends to enhance its capabilities to manage the
consequences caused by terrorist acts and organized crime. Building
on existing cooperation with NATO in this area, Armenia is ready
to become more actively involved in the implementation of relevant
programs and activities and in particular the Partnership Action Plan
against Terrorism, including exchange of relevant intelligence. Armenia
intends to take further legislative and practical measures to combat
organized crime.

In the second chapter "Defense and Military Issues", it is written
that Armenia intends to develop National Security Strategy and
Defense Concept, defining the missions and roles of the armed forces
and other security institutions. PARP and PAP-DIB will be important
tools supporting the implementation of defense and security reform

The chapter also says that Armenia intends to improve the efficiency
of its defense planning and budgeting system and develop affordable,
transparent and sustainable defense plans. It also aims at building
expertise in these fields to support the development and implementation
of its future Strategic Defense Review and to support armed force
improvements in the areas of command and control, equipment and
logistics. It also intends to review its military-industrial complex
and provide recommendations on its future employment. The Republic
of Armenia plans to review the personnel management system for the
military and civilian personnel of the Ministry of Defense.

It also says that Armenia intends to continue to develop a peacekeeping
battalion followed by a brigade using NATO standards. It also intends
to develop a team of self-assessor within the framework of OCC to
self-assess units made available for NATO-led PfP operations. It also
intends to develop a senior officer development course and review
its entire training program for every service.

According to the document, Armenia intends to review its current border
security practices and procedures to improve its border security. Using
this review, it will also determine its priority equipment needs.

The last fourth chapter says that Armenia will institute all necessary
coordination and liaison arrangements in order to ensure effective
implementation of this Action Plan. The full document is placed on
the Internet site of the Armenian foreign and defense Ministries.

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