There are no Captives and Hostages in Kharabagh

There are no Captives and Hostages in Kharabagh
07.08.2006 19:22

Since May 12 1994 there are no hostages and captives in
Kharabagh. Detached cases of captivity of Azerbaijanian soldiers
may occur during ravaging actions.These cases are immediately being
reported to the Red Cross International Committee Office in Stepanakert
by the NKR authorities.

In 1-2 months by mediation of the Red Cross International Committee
these captives are being returned to the Azerbaijanian side. The
coordinator of the Committee "Helsinki Initiation-92" Karen Ohanjanian
informed the own correspondent of ArmInfo about this. He interpreted
the "Turan" agency information, where in particularly it is said:
"In the tunnels of golden mines of Kelbajar Azerbaijanian captives
are being used".

"The Azerbaijanian authorities are raising the problem of azeri
captives in Kharabagh in order to conceal the loses of their
army by the war obligated by them. Instead of helping Armenian
and Azerbaijanian Non Governmental Organization for solving this
humanitarian problem Baku makes it political", mentioned Karen

We want to remind that a regional conference of experts
of traceless losts’ conference took place the other day in
Stepanakert. Representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia
and NKR participated in the conference which was organized within
the framework of "Yellow Tulips" project by the contribution of the
Church World Committee. In their speeches the reporters spoke about
different aspects of traceless losts, presented the role of Mass Media
in the regulation of the problem, the attitude of State Structures’
towards the problem.

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