Consumer Prices Grow 3.6% In Armenia In January-June


YEREVAN, AUGUST 1, NOYAN TAPAN. Consumer prices grew by 3.6%
in July 2006 on December 2005, including a 4.3% increase in food
commodity prices (including alcoholic drinks and cigarettes), a 2.2%
increase in non-food commodity prices and a 4% increase in service
tariffs. According to the RA National Statistical Service, a 5.6%
inflation in the Armenian consumer market in January-May 2006 was
followed by a 1.9% deflation in June-July (a 1.2% deflation in
June and a 0.7% deflation in July). This was mainly conditioned by
seasonal fluctuations in prices of some food commodities. A 2.6% fall
in food commodity prices (including alcololic drinks and cigarettes)
was registered in July compared with last year, a 2.6% growth in
tariffs was registered in the service sector, while the prices of
non-food commodities declined by 0.1%. The average monthly increase
in consumer prices made 0.5% in January-July 2006 against 0.45%
in the same month of last year.

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