ANKARA: Turkey brushes aside differences w/Canada in evacuation work

The New Anatolian, Turkey
July 28, 2006

Turkey brushes aside differences with Canada in evacuation effort

The New Anatolian / Ankara

Turkey is winning praise and thanks from Canadians for its
humanitarian efforts to save its people escaping from war-torn
Lebanon, notwithstanding tense relations between the two countries
since April.

Leaving aside tensions stemming from the Canadian government’s
decision to recognize the Armenian genocide claims and Ottawa’s moral
support for Israel in the current Lebanese fighting, a view strongly
opposed by Ankara, Turkish authorities and even citizens rushed to
help the evacuation of Canadians from Lebanon and to provide them
with all kinds of assistance before they left for their homeland.

While Canadian Ambassador to Turkey Yves Brodeur thanked Turkey
yesterday for its hospitality, the country’s newspapers called on
Canadians to take note and bear in mind that Turkey avoided
temptation by brushing aside differences when it comes to
humanitarian efforts. "The port of Mersin and the nearby airport in
Adana were instead opened wide for Canadians coming off chartered
ships," wrote the Montreal Gazette.

"Although it would have been an easy matter for the Turkish
authorities to find themselves too busy to return calls last week
when Canada requested the use of a Turkish port and airport to funnel
Canadians out of Lebanon as the principal staging post at Larnaca,
Greek Cyprus was overflowing with people from many nations, the
cooperation of Turkey’s government simplified the evacuation process
for many Canadians," the newspaper wrote. According to unofficial
data, authorities said yesterday that so far some 9,500 foreigners,
most of whom were Canadians and Australians, have been evacuated
through the port of Mersin.

Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim, who arrived in Adana
yesterday to provide moral support to his country’s citizens escaping
the Israeli attacks in Lebanon, thanked Turkey in Turkish for the
country’s efforts in the humanitarian evacuation effort.

Turkish authorities also announced yesterday that the first
assistance sent by the Lighthouse Association has reached Lebanon.
According to the statement, 60 tons of aid reached and was
distributed in Beirut after a six-day journey.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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Emil Lazarian

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