Yerevan Brandy Company to Buy 30,000 Tons of Grapes



YEREVAN, JULY 25, ARMENPRESS: The French-owned Yerevan Brandy Company
(YBC) reported a commodity turnover of 19 billion Drams for the past
12 months.

Zara Nazarian, head of the company’s press office, told journalists
on Monday that the company remains committed to raising the share of
brandy prepared from 10-20 year-old spirit in its overall sale volumes.

She said the volume of sale of Super-Premium products rose to 180,000
liters. In the same time span of the past 12 months 3.4 million liters
out of 3.5 million liters produced were sold and of this 2.5 million
liters in Russia.

In the past 12 months the Yerevan Brandy Company, owned by Pernod
Riccard, has invested 350 million drams in its Armavir branch and
260 million Drams in Aygavan branch. Last year the company bought
25 percent more grape, overall 23,500 tons- than in the previous
year. The company has contracts with 5,500 wine-growers and this
autumn it will raise procurements up to 30,000 tons.

The company sells also its brandies in Germany, Israel, USA, Ukraine,
Belarus and some other countries.

A financial director of the company said one of the biggest problems
was the strengthening of the national Armenian currency- Dram-
against the US Dollar, sustaining damages to all exporters.

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