Retraining workshop for economic journalist to be held in Yerevan


Arka News Agency, Armenia
July 25, 2006

YEREVAN, July 25. /ARKA/. The Competitive Armenian Private
Sector Project (CAPSC) is organizing a retraining workshop for
Armenian journalists specializing in economic subjects on July 31.
The CAPSP reports that the goal of the workshop is explaining to local
journalists the main tasks of competitiveness as well as facilitating
the enhancement of competitiveness in certain fields of Armenia’s
economy. The workshop participants will also discuss such topics as
"Determining the economic competitiveness of a company, cluster or
country", "Methods of encouragement of long-term changes in certain
countries", "CAPSP’s approaches to tasks of this type in Armenia",
and "Building up cooperation with Armenian mass media". Among the
workshop participants will be Director of the research center "Economy
and Values" Manuk Hergnyan, who is to present a modern-day concept
of competitiveness and its application in Armenia.

During the second part, CAPSP’s representatives will present the
results of their work in the IT and tourist spheres. A wide range
of competitiveness-related issues will be considered at the final
press conference. The goal of the USAID-sponsored CAPSP is raising
the employment level in Armenia through encouraging the development
and improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises
of the country.

The CAPSP envisages the formation of task groups in each economic
sector, improvement of business abilities, as well as contribution
to the formation of labor force and development of skills. P.T. -0–

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