RA Foreign Minister Believes Mathew Bryza to Bring No New Suggestion


AZG Armenian Daily #139, 26/07/2006


US OSCE MG Co-Chair Matthew Bryza is not going to bring any new
suggestions for the Nagorno Karabakh settlement on his July 29 visit
to Yerevan. Vartan Oskanian, RA Foreign Minister, stated this at
today’s press conference. "Our expectations from the visit of the US
Co-Chair of the OSCE MG are linked to his ability whether he will
manage to make the Azeries return to the negotiations or not. If
Azerbaijan agrees to continue the suggestions, there will appear an
opportunity to enter a new stage of the negotiations and fix progress,"
Oskanian said. He added that if Azerbaijan again disapproves the
suggestions of the co-chairs, the situation in Nagorno Karabakh may
get complicated. According to Oskanian, the package of the OSCE MG
suggestions may be considered also in 2007, but, taking into account
the coming elections, it’s getting more complicated to achieve the
agreement. "The new package can’t be just an occasional one, there can
be slight corrections to certain points, but the main principles will
not be changed," RA Foreign Minister emphasized. Besides he said that
Armenia, unlike Azerbaijan, has no problem with signing the agreement
about the new stage of the EU ‘New Neighborhood’ program. The Minister
said that the approximate date of the signature is already known
and that Armenia will be certainly ready for it by that moment. He
added that EU Chair-state Finland is inclined to sign the partnership
agreement with the Southern Caucasian states.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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