Hmayak Hovhannesian Can’t Explain Actions of Serge Sargsian


AZG Armenian Daily #139, 26/07/2006


Today, the Republican Party of Armenia follows the example of the
Communist Party that used to rule in Armenia within 70 years. Hmayak
Hovhannesian, deputy, political expert, expressed this opinion
today at "Pastark" club. He believes that the multi-party system
exists in Armenia only de-jure, while in fact, the Republican Party
rules Armenia. He stated that the latest developments in the RPA
didn’t contribute to growth of its rating. "On the contrary, Serge
Sargsian’s membership to the party, as well as that of a group of
oligarchs of half criminal character have decreased the rating of
the party, as the people hate all of them," he said. Hovhannesian
added that one shouldn’t compare Serge Sargsian with PM Vazgen
Sargsian. "V. Sargsian realized the importance of changing his
image, isolated the oligarchs from the political processes and began
cooperating with Karen Demirchian’s party. The oligarchs wouldn’t dare
to interfere with the political developments in the times of Vazgen
Sargsian. As for Serge Sargsian, he activates the participation of
the oligarchs in the political life of the country," he said. At
the same time, he added that he can’t find any explanation to the
illogical steps of Serge Sargsian. In the beginning he thought Sargsian
wanted to cooperate with the intelligentsia, becaming the head of
the Yerevan State University’s Scientific Council. But, at present,
Hovhannesian is bewildered why Serge Sargsian’s decision to join
RPA. Hovhannesian said that whatever goals Serge Sargsian attains,
the results may be quite negative, as the atmosphere of mistrust
and hatred may grow tenser after that. Such a hard inner political
situation is in the interests of the super powers, particularly USA,
Russia, Iran and EU. He emphasized that the membership of Serge
Sargsian and a group of oligarchs to RPA anyway strengthened the
positions of the Armenian opposition on the eve of the elections,
as the people’s hatred to the ruling political party is growing.

As for the Nagorno Karabakh settlement, He added that taking into
consideration the present geopolitical situation, Azerbaijan can
restart military actions in the region of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
in autumn 2006, expressed his

opinion on a press conference at ‘Pastark’ club Hmayak
Hovhannisian,Parliament deputy and political scientist. He also told
about the probability that the USA will help Azerbaijan because of
the situation in Middle East and the contradictions between Azerbaijan
and Iran.

By Tamar Minasian

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