Armenian Soldiers Enhance Prestige of Armenia Worldwide

Armenian Soldiers Enhance Prestige of Armenia Worldwide


PanARMENIAN.Net/ Within three years Armenian peacekeepers fulfilled all
their tasks in Iraq and Kosovo, Armenian Defense Minister Serge Sargsyan
stated in Yerevan. In his words, within a short term Armenian peacekeepers
were able to show their worth both professionally and morally. <There was no
single case of our servicemen making an incorrect move. Their blameless
service was highly appreciated by Command for Sustaining Peace in Kosovo and
Restoration of Iraq. NATO Command in Kosovo and Peacekeeping Forces Command
in Iraq appreciated professional skills, diligence and responsibility of
Armenian soldiers. As brigade general Jerzy Mikhaylovsky noted, Armenian
soldiers enhance the prestige of Armenia worldwide,> Serge Sargsyan

The Armenian MOD Head also said Armenia became an important country in
peacekeeping operation. <We do not separate defense of our fatherland from
world security problems,> Sargsyan said.

As for further participation of Armenian peacekeepers in similar operations
in other places, in Sargsyan’s words, the National Assembly of Armenia makes
a decision on that question. <I believe the MPs understand how important
participation in such measures is for Armenia and in December, when the term
of their decision expires, they will make a correct decision,> he said.

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