BAKU: Armenians continue to set fire to Azerbaijani territories

Armenians continue to set fire to Azerbaijani territories

Today, Azerbaijan
July 19 2006

Armenian military units still has continued to set fire to Azerbaijani
territories for 50 days.

Territories from occupied Jabrail to Agdara are full of ash. Forests
and gardens have been completely burned.

Fuzuli Executive Power chief Khanoglan Azimov informed that Armenians
burned all forests and gardens in the territory ad razed the villages.

He also said that photos taken by representatives of foreign
organizations operating in Azerbaijan proves the facts once more.

There were 10 389 hectares of grape fields, 1 434 hectares of mulberry
trees, 85 hectares of fruit gardens and 78 hectares of forest strips
in Fuzuli but Armenians felled the trees and burned the territories.

Armenians also fired on Azerbaijani positions from occupied Bashgarvand
village of Aghdam yesterday evening.

Azerbaijani armed forces silenced them by response fire. But they
fired Azerbaijani positions at 08.35 am to 10.00 am today.

According to APA, no casualties were reported.


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