Vardan Oskanyan Has Not Considered Becoming President But…

14 July 06

"I think I can contribute to the processes underway in Armenia,
state building, development, but at the moment I cannot say how my
contribution is going to be, I can say that I have not thought about
it," Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanyan stated July 14 in the Hayeli
Club commenting on the rumors that he may be named president in 2008.

"Now I am focusing on my work, I am facing serious problems –
the Armenia-Diaspora forum, the issue of Nagorno Karabakh, foreign
policies. So, my attention is presently focused on my work," Vardan
Oskanyan stated. He did not say anything with regard to the timing
of decision on the form of his political activities. Vardan Oskanyan
said one thing is clear, he wants "to become engaged in processes
underway in Armenia, make his contribution."

Besides Vardan Oskanyan announced that he has not considered joining
a political party and has not received proposals from any political
party. As for the other ministers, who are eager to become engaged in
political processes, particularly Serge Sargsyan, who is politically
the most active, Vardan Oskanyan declined to comment on Serge
Sargsyan’s membership to a political party, even on its compliance
with the path of qualitative change of Armenia he mentioned. The
point is that Vardan Oskanyan considers it important to decide the
important goals of the country rather than the ruling political force
in order to go on to figure out which political force or figure is
able to solve these problems. Proceeding from the formula proposed
by Vardan Oskanyan, it is important to know whether Serge Sargsyan’s
party affiliation and superpartisanization of the Republican Party
fit into the qualitative change of the country.

"I would not like to comment on the actions of my colleagues or their
decisions. You know, everyone makes their decision, what participation
they want to have in the political life of Armenia. If Serge Sargsyan
has decided to follow this path, it is his personal decision. I would
not like to comment on it," says Vardan Oskanyan.

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