European Party of Greens Demands Unblocking Turkish-Armenian Border


Armenian Genocide Issue

Marie Anne Isler Beguin, Chairwoman of the EU
Parliament’s delegation to Armenia, Georgia and
Azerbaijan, recently published the materials she
accumulated during her visit of the Armenian Turkish
border. The Armenian Federation of Europe informed
that according to her, "the European Parliament in its
resolutions never missed the opportunity to emphasize
the importance of unblocking Turkey’s borders with
Armenia, as in the terms of the blocked borders, not
only the Armenian and Turkish borderline dwelling
places suffer, but also the region does." Isler
emphasized that the issue of unblocking the borders
should become a criteria for Turkey’s admission to EU.

She reminded that 10 years ago, when blocking the
borders with Armenia, Turkey intended to exert
pressure on the process of the Nagorno Karabakh
conflict development. In its turn, the Committee for
Foreign Affairs at the European Parliament postponed
the discussion of the draft resolution "On Turkey’s
Progress for Admission to EU." The voting for the
draft resolution was postponed till September. This
was conditioned by several drawbacks in the
translation of some amendments for Turkey to apply.

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