Vladimir Pryakhin Attaches Importance To Holding Forthcoming Electio


YEREVAN, JULY 11, NOYAN TAPAN. Issues relating to the Electoral Code
and cases of fire in areas near Azerbaijan were the main subjects of
discussion at RA NA Speaker Tigran Torosian’s July 10 meeting with
OSCE Yerevan Office Head, Ambassador Vladimir Pryakhin.

Congratulating Tigran Torosian on the occasion of being elected as
Parliament Speaker, Vladimir Pryakhin expressed OSCE’s readiness
to provide support in the issue of improving the Electoral Code
attaching importance to holding the forthcoming state elections
in correspondence with the democratic standards in the respect of
Armenia’s future development.

NA Speaker stated that discussions will be held in mid-July for the
purpose of clarifying the parliamentary forces’ positions on the
proposals of OSCE and Venice Commission experts around amendments to
the Electoral Code and the final clarifications will be made in August,
after which in October the Electoral Code will be discussed and adopted
by the National Assembly. For holding the elections in accordance with
the democratic principles the Parliament Speaker attached importance
not only to perfection of the legislation, but also to formation of
a favorable atmosphere between the authorities and the opposition
and to working out machanisms of responsibility. T.Torosian attached
importance to OSCE’s assistance in the respect of expert evaluations
and at the level of unbiassed observation mission expressing the hope
that the elections will be held at a new qualitative level.

In connection with the speculations of Azerbaijani propaganda that
started over a month ago, T.Torosian said that Azerbaijanis spread
misinformation in all directions, including the international
structures, about cases of fire in areas adjoining Nagorno
Karabakh and Azerbaijan. He reminded that on June 15, the NKR
Foreign Ministry applied to the OSCE Office with an expectation to
conduct the respective observation and to clarify the issue, but
no official response was received for the issue to be considered
concluded. V.Pryakhin promised to convey the NA Speaker’s concern to
his chiefs.

They also touched upon the OSCE Minsk Group Co-chairmen’s statements
and expectations on the Nagorno Karabakh settlement. It was
mentioned that when pursuing the goal to quickly solve the conflict
exact estimations should be given to the conduct of the sides, in
particular, to the bellicose statements and agitation of hatred of
the Azerbaijani side.

In connection with the possibility of Saint Petersburg meeting
between the two countries’ Presidents T.Torosian said that the
meetings will not give anything new henceforth, as far as there are
no mechanisms that will enable to clarify who declined the agreement
reached beforehand.

As Noyan Tapan was informed from NA Public Relations Department,
issues relating to NA staff within the framework of OSCE programs
were also discussed at the meeting.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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