BAKU: Nazim Ibrahimov: "Nobody Can Impede Us For the Work with Diasp

Ïðaâî Âûaîða, Azerbaijan
Democratic Azerbaijan
July 7 2006

Nazim Ibrahimov: "Nobody Can Impede Us For the Work with Diaspora"

"If Armenians are against our activity, i.e. that they are seriously
concerned with our work"
"Currently Azerbaijan Diaspora’s activity is in the foreground. Today
we can say with confidence that Armenian lobby is seriously concerned
with our work," recently informed Chairman of the State Committee for
the Work with Azerbaijanis living abroad, Nazim Ibrahimov. He
recalled that the State Committee was established by the decree of
the national leader of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev 4 years ago, on June
5 2002, after which Diaspora’s activity began carrying out at state
level. Then Diaspora’s activity was under control and trusteeship of
the President H. Aliyev. According to N. Ibrahimov, Armenians living
in different countries worldwide call Armenian Diaspora to be more
active, as otherwise Azerbaijani Diaspora can come Armenians’
100-years activity to nothing: "I consider that if Armenians react to
our activity in so way, it means that they are seriously concerned
with our work. We realize the strategic important activities for
consolidation of Azerbaijan-Turkish Diaspora. Then Armenians will get
one more reason for concern. But we have such a power that nobody can
impede us."

N. Ibrahimov stated that to date the Diaspora’s activity focuses on
the interests of the President and Azerbaijan people. Reportedly the
Committee Chairman, the Government does not make unreasonable demands
to Diaspora: "Our Diaspora is required a close unity for the sake of
interests of Azerbaijani people, making joint endeavors for solution
of problems of our State and bringing to awareness of the whole
world. As state structure, we render all assistance to Azerbaijani
Diaspora. If need be, we appoint the personnel and allot money for
them. The President accentuates the activity of the State Committee.

In turn, such attention calls us to be more responsible."

Committee Chairman informed that the Diaspora’s activity would reach
higher level if its Members could attract intelligentsia, state
figures and powerful circles to this work: "Then the necessity of
regulation of Diaspora’s activity by Azerbaijan will fall away, as
Diaspora Members themselves will know well about political and
economic processes progressing in our country. Then we’ll transfer to
other form of its coordination."

Furthermore, reportedly N. Ibrahimov, to date the preparing for I
World Forum of Azerbaijan’s Scholars is on progress. In connection
with that a list of Azerbaijani scholars living in various countries
worldwide is at complete. As N. Ibrahimov stated, preparing
activities for the mentioned arrangement is done together with
Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Moreover, Committee Chairman
informed that our compatriots working in mass media of other
countries are expected to attend the arrangement. According to N.

Ibrahimov, such arrangements aim at increasing of the activity level
of Azerbaijani Diaspora.

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