NKR: Millionaire Families


Azat Artsakh, Nagorno Karabakh Republic [NKR]
05 July 2006

The government policy on stimulating birthrate and improvement of
quality of life of large families really encouraged the people
of the region of Kashatagh. In this region, where thousands of
families are living, annual increase of birthrate is reported. Since
January 1, 2006 these families have privileges under the government
order. On June 29 four families were invited to the ministry of Social
Security. Emily Poghossian from Goghtanik had her fifteenth child. The
eleventh child was born to Karine Nersissian, and Margaret Mazulian
and Svetlana Grigorian had their tenth children. Minister Vasily
Atajanian congratulated the four women and wished them longevity,
welfare and happiness.

The minister delivered 5000 dollars each, a one-time aid to families
having many children granted under the order of the government.

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