Davit Harutiunyan Has Unsettled Problems


06 July 06

Commenting on his July 5 statement about active engagement in politics,
the minister of justice Davit Harutiunyan stated July 6 that he is
not likely to set up a political party. "At least now.

If I have such plans, I will tell." Every word by Davit Harutiunyan
arouses suppositions. For instance, Davit Harutiunyan stated several
months ago that he is not going to affiliate with any political
party. He announced today, "This statement does not mean that my
intention is going to be the same forever. I may become member of a
political party. I may not be." Davit Harutiunyan presently declines
to specify possible and impossible parties.

It is a fact that I am going to become engaged in politics, and
there are different ways of doing politics, says the present minister
of justice. Davit Harutiunyan does not fear ending up like Artashes
Tumanyan. "As a minister, a minister does politics. I am doing politics
now." According to him, there cannot be members of parliament who do
not belong to a political party and ministers who do not represent
the policy of a political party.

"I still have unsettled problems. These problems make considering
engagement in politics. It is wrong to stop halfway. I cannot insist
that my interests are confined to the sphere of justice, however first
of all I have unsettled problems in this sphere," announced Davit
Harutiunyan. My steps will be for the sake of the Republic of Armenia.

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