Statements of Bryza still Discussed

15:47 30/06/06


Armenian Republican Party block leader Galust Sahakyan does not think
that the open statement made by newly appointed OSCE Minsk Group
co-chairman Mathew Bryza is a leak of dangerous information. He thinks
the disclosure does not aim to make public aware of the process. `I
think a new atmosphere is being created to understand how such
processes will be accepted in Armenia and Azerbaijan. It must be said
that the American side creates an atmosphere for Azerbaijan proceeding
from his own economic interest instead of making statements on
Karabakh conflict regulation. But our political field is such that we
are ready to manipulate on certain issues,’ NA deputy G. Sahakyan told
a news conference today. According to him the document should become
public for larger public awareness.

In the words of G. Sahakyan, the focal point of any proposal should be
the status of Nagorno Karabakh with all the rest stemming from it.

Speaking about the American expert’s statement on regression of
democracy in Armenia, the politician said, `they are subjective
statements based on economic interests. It is evident that Armenia and
Azerbaijan are not comparable in terms of democracy. Even Turkey is
more democratic than Azerbaijan.’ /

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