BAKU: Two Documents Regarding Occupation Policy Of Armenia Were Diss


Baku Today, Azerbaijan
June 29 2006

Two documents regarding the occupation policy of Armenia was
disseminated by the Azeri delegation in the Parliamentary Assembly
of the Council of Europe (PACE), Rafael Huseynov, the member of Azeri
delegation in PACE, told Trend.

He noted that in the document "Crimes of Armenia against humanity",
there were used different facts of bloody Armenian terror against
Azerbaijan during XX century. "We raised a question before the Council
of Ministers that the document should be presented to a separate
discussion and gave recommendations for the consideration of the
facts in the European Court on Human Rights," told Huseyinov.

Besides, he stressed that the second document was named "Ethic
cleansing held by Armenian against Azerbaijan". "It was stated in
the document that Armenia and Armenian lobby jeopardize not only
Azerbaijanis, but also several countries around the world. They
implements secret and clear separatism policy in the territories
densely populated by Armenians. It is described in the document that
Armenians is continuing its separatism policy against Azerbaijan,"
Huseynov stressed.

According to Huseynov, special points of the document describe
the mass destruction of Azerbaijans by Armenians in 1905 in Baku,
Nakchivan, Iravan and Zangazur. Besides, thousands of Azerbaijanis
were killed in Karabakh, Shusha, Jabrail and Ganja in November of
the same year. "In 1914, Armenians killed 150 thousand Azerbaijanis
in Khoy and Urmiya and 200 thousand in Kars, Arzurum and Ardakhand.

Under the Bolshevik regime, Armenians killed 50 thousand Azerbaijanis
in Baku, Shamakhi, Guba, Kurdamir and Lankaran in March-April 1918,"
added Huseynov.

Besides, Huseynov ruled out that 1930-1937s were described as a new
phase of ethnic cleansing. "It was especially stated in the document
that more than 50 thousand Azerbaijanis were departed from their native
land to Kazakhstan and Siberia. Besides, it was mentioned that the
ethic cleansing of Azerbaijanis was realized according to the special
decision of Council of Ministers of USSR dated December 20, 1947
and March 19, 1948 under the pressure of Armenian representatives in
Kremlin. During these years, 150 thousand Azerbaijanis were departed
from Armenia to the territories that had bad climate. Many people
died in result of departure. The next ethnic cleansing policy of
Armenians is related to Nagorno-Karabakh," he stressed, adding that
in connection with this issues, a question will be raised before PACE
on appointment of reporters.

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